Welcome to Every Day I Wake, I Move and Shake. My name is Mikael Gerzon, and I created this motto and designed this movement to begin transforming lives, starting with my own. Before talking the talk, I knew I needed to walk the walk. So I put my money where my mouth is, and began to move. And shake.

The basic premise behind this website is simple: Every Day I Wake, I Move and Shake.

The question behind the premise is simple too: What would happen to my body, mind, and quality of life if I began every day with a great fitness routine and a nutritious shake? How would my life transform?

I Move And Shake is my mission to start each day with healthy exercise and a nutritious shake. For 90 days, I will track my experience of committing to these two new habits. It is my intention to share my experience of transformation, and help others do the same. For 90 days, I will Move and Shake while documenting the journey in my Blog. I invite you to join me whenever you’re ready; it’s never too late to begin.

You will learn more About Me, why I Move and why I Shake. And then you can decide if you want to answer with a resounding YES.

Will you join Me?

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